The Purpose of this Organization is to operate exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, including but not limited to:
 Promoting and advancing the profession of African psychology
 Influencing and affecting social change
 Developing programs whereby psychologists of African descent (hereafter
known as Black psychologists) can assist in solving problems of black
communities and other ethnic groups.

The organizational goals of this organization are:
  To enhance the psychological well-being of Black people in America.
  To promote constructive understanding of Black people through positive
approaches to research.
  To develop an approach to psychology that is consistent with the
experience of Black people.
  To define mental health in consonance with newly established
psychological concepts and standards regarding Black people.
  To develop international support systems for Black psychologists and
students of psychology.
  To develop policies for local,state and national decision making which
impacts on the mental health of the Black community.
  To promote values and a life style that supports our survival and well
being as a race.
  To support established Black organizations and aid in the development of
new independent Black institutions to enhance our psychological,
educational, cultural, and economic situation.